ChanneLIS : a unique scientific bibliographic database on the English Channel

  • library records from 1841 until now
  • more than 8000 records
  • 7 geographical areas
  • A free access database

ChanneLIS (Channel Library and Information Services) is a bibliographic database providing scientific information on the Channel area. ChanneLIS lists documents that are largely excluded from usual databases. It includes PhD theses, dissertations, reports and books... that constitute "grey literature" available in the libraries of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom in Plymouth and of the Sation biologique de Roscoff in France. ChanneLIS makes available little-known documents for the use of :

  • scientists working in the field of marine sciences in the Channel area;
  • practitioners in the maritime sector and decision makers using scientifc data.

To date, the database contains more than 8,000 library records from 1841 until now in varied scientific domains:

  • biology of algae,
  • aquaculture
  • pollution
  • fisheries
  • marine physics
  • etc.

Exemples of library records

Notice numberOriginTitle Publishing yearShelfmarkAuthors
59459MBAA review of cetaceans in the Channel Islands1987S.I/Gb.25Young H. G.,Copp T.
63869MBAThe Fal estuary. Coastal processes and conservation1996BE.60/SStapleton C.,Pethick J.
C-220920000001SBRRencontres scientifiques internationales \"20 ans après l'Amoco-Cadiz\". Brest - Centre de Congrès, Le Quartz 15-17 octobre 1998 = International scientific meetings \"20 years after the Amoco-Cadiz\", Brest - Conference Centre, Le Quartz 15th-17th October 19982000574.526'3/AMO
R-150419970010SBREffets de la pollution de l'Amoco Cadiz sur l'ostréiculture (1978-1984)1985574.526'3/BALBalouet G.,Berthou F.,Bodennec G.,Marchand M.
R-020519960005SBREtude d'impact écologique de la pollution pétrolière de l'\"Amoco Cadiz\" dans la région de Roscoff et de la Baie de Morlaix - Effet à long terme sur la structure des écosystèmes sédimentaires. Rapport d'exécution de contrat d'Etudes Environnement1981574.5/BOUBoucher Guy,Chamroux Simone,Riaux Catherine